Better in the EU

So I was thinking what else could I write my first blog about that wasn’t regarding the possible biggest political decision of our generation; whether to remain or leave the European Union. For me there is one clear cut right answer and as I have yet to reach the voting age, all I can do is try to convince others that voting remain is the way forward for our country. I have spent a couple of minutes writing out the reasons why I think this.

Firstly, everywhere we look we are faced with the statistic that Britain pays £350 million a week on their EU membership and if we leave this money can be put into the NHS instead to develop new drugs, train doctors and make free healthcare more accessible to everyone. However straight away I find it almost funny that people actually believe that the Conservatives will spend this money for the good of the people, it will most likely be put into private schools or get involved in some tax business so the public will never see that money again. By leaving the EU this will prevent workers from other European countries from having a fluid work permit therefore meaning that when we do have a shortage of doctors/surgeons/nurses (because the NHS is not paying them enough and will therefore lower the amount of undergraduates studying health) there is little that can be done. I was hoping to study Speech and Language therapy at university however from 2017 the year I would start the course, the NHS funding has been stopped and weighing up the pros and cons the reality is that when I leave education I will be left with such a massive debt along with a poorly paid health care job so I am forced to consider my alternatives. Boris Johnson (campaigning for the vote leave) has admitted that the number of £350 million was not accurate as over half this money returns to the UK and is used to help farmers and other individuals with low income. The whole leave policy is built on idealised concepts and estimates, why should we put our trust in them?

By remaining in the European Union, the British economy is stronger. Over 3 million UK jobs are linked to Britain’s trade with the EU and if this is lost it has been predicted that up to 950,000 jobs in the UK would be lost. Apart from the obvious that this would lead to a recession and higher unemployment rates meaning that businesses would have the ability to pay lower wages as everyone is in a desperate need for jobs! It would also make finding jobs especially entering a ‘career job’ straight after university for the young generation much more difficult. However realistically, I also believe that the trade agreements between the UK and the rest of the European Union would not be significantly affected if we did vote leave, this is because for example German car manufacturers cannot afford to lose their massive UK market so will actively look to draw up agreements and will maintain a relationship. Overall there are advantages of voting leave but these all benefit the upper classes, maybe leaving the European Union will cause financial chaos in the short term but then lead to a prosperous future for the UK but why are we so intent of breaking something that isn’t broken?  

#VoteRemain #EUref

If you would like to understand more of the facts watch:


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