EU Referendum Results – what now?

So our country has decided to leave the European Union. Almost instantly the value of the pound had dropped to the lowest it has been since 1985. If that could happened before many people had even woken up to see the result of the referendum, then what will happen by the end of this month or at the end of this year? We have bought upon ourselves a dynamic economy just because ignorant and selfish people cannot stand the thought of immigrants ‘sponging off’ their country whilst they sit at home claiming benefits and ordering an Indian takeaway.

Thousands of people have signed an online petition to have a second referendum, however although I don’t agree with the result we have got, if this second vote does happen then it takes away our democracy. What is the point of us having a fair democratic system if the results will just simply be overpowered? The leave campaign has won even if the only reason was that they promised an ideal world which was too good for people to deny and vote against.

I really do think that the UK in its current position CAN become prosperous and begin to benefit hugely from leaving the EU which we have already done. The only barriers for our country to move towards this positive state of being is the people who are leading us. Nigel Farage as well as the rest of the leave campaign pushed an exaggerated figure (which was admitted by Boris Johnson as over half this money returns to the UK) that £350 million a week goes towards our EU membership and if we decided to leave then this money would be put into the NHS. It was stated that this is the cost of opening up a new hospital and with this money, a new hospital could be opened every week. However (unsurprisingly), Farage has declared this to be a mere ‘mistake’ and is not willing to put this money into our health service. The bottom line of this is that it isn’t fair, I understand that none of us know what consequences there would be for the UK if we remained or left however making empty promises is not the way to lead a country. At least one person must have seen these figures and decided to vote leave because our own health service would improve and that would lead on to a longer life expectancy, improved medicines and more money to fund scientific research etc. However the conservatives were never even considering to use this money for the NHS and the people voting leave for this reason alone have been misguided and this is not what politics should be.

I 100% believe in our country and our people, we do have the ability to live better off without faceless bureaucrats telling us how many bananas must be on a bunch in order to be sold. However are the faces of Brexit the people we should be trusting with our future? If Britain wants to independent and successful then lets raise the NHS funding and use it to train and educate hundreds of doctors, surgeons and nurses to fill the large shortage that we have. This will mean that we will not need migrants to come into our country and take these jobs, this will be independence. There is also a shortage of teachers, so why isn’t more money put into the education sector? Why aren’t MP’s striving to close the gap between the quality of education that privileged private school children receive in comparison to the children in public schools? But this won’t happen, someone tweeted me saying that they believe the £350 million a week will be used on ‘consultations’ to decide whether the NHS should be private and that it is more likely that the conservatives would allow this person to buy ‘cider and haribos’ than wanting to use it for the good and development of our people.

Recently one of my teachers was saying how if for example you say something negative about a celebrity such as one direction on social media then you will be instantly bombarded with hate messages which can even progress up to death threats. The message was that basically this is what teenage girls do on the internet, but a few days ago when I wrote my own opinion that most people who are voting leave are doing so because they want to close our borders and control immigration which is fuelled by their downright racist views, I received many messages (all of which were very funny). Some about my appearance; how I ‘don’t look old enough to vote so should pipe down’ (like my own and my future families lives haven’t just been hugely affected and made uncertain), my ability and IQ was compared to a slug (great!) also the assumption that just because the colour of my skin is not white, that English cannot be my first language. Although English was the third language I learnt, I have no trouble with speaking or writing unlike the vast number of people who do and have English as their first and only language. I also currently study English and am hoping to go on to do an NHS job helping those people who find it difficult to communicate.

Every single one these people were at least over 40 and were all of one skin colour (bet you’ll never guess which), but becoming so ‘brave’ behind a screen is not just what obsessed teenage fangirls do but it is even the older generation, these people must have a job (probably in McDonalds) and their own families and that is how they spend their time, how funny. I have said that I don’t think that every person who voted leave is a racist or a bigot as millions of individuals may have voted for other reasons, however a huge number were motivated purely because of immigration. Interestingly, the people telling me that they are not racist for voting leave went on to make assumptions about me from my skin colour alone, don’t tell me that there is no covert racism or prejudice there. Our future has just been decided by people who are still stuck in their 20th century mind-set and those who won’t even be around for long enough to see the changes!

I’m just going to finish by saying please can we not make Boris Johnson (or Trump without a tan) the new prime minister. I wish we could just put Sadiq Khan in that position already. Also I have never understood how someone can discriminate a person for the sole reason that there skin colour is darker than theirs, they simply have more melanin and are more protected from getting skin cancer from direct exposure to the sun than you. (It must be that people get bitter that they themselves are not protected from skin cancer in this way).


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